Sound equipment that exceeds your expectations!

ShowDesign Production's engineering team researches and tests the best HIGH -END products for your event.

We strive to ensure that whenever you speak, your audience hears you crystal clear.

Our sound equipment radiates a clean, crisp sound evenly throughout the entire room,

allowing those seated further away to hear the sound as clearly.

No event is complete without there being a proper sound system. Our first-class sound equipment rentals has become the go-to choice for charity events, galas, meetings, conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, event productions,

VIP events, and other general events. We provide affordable and scalable audio systems to accommodate crowds of various sizes.

 When it comes to on-time delivery, expect our reliable team of highly qualified and experienced employees

to insure everything goes smoothly from set-up to sound check.

Our sound technicians will be present during the event to ensure there are no hiccups and that your event goes on smoothly.

ShowDesign Production provides you with perfect sound using the latest technology, mixing consoles, and loudspeakers.

We create and deliver everything you need, making your event one to remember!